First Volunteer Bank
E-Statement Services Agreement

This notice contains important information that you are entitled to receive before you consent to transact business with us electronically.  Please read this notice carefully as well as review the Electronic Banking Agreement (located at as it pertains to security and accessing your account and other legal requirements.  Please print or download a copy for your files.

The terms and provisions of the E-Statement Services Agreement become effective upon your enrollment in and activation of the e-statement service as described below.

Description of E-Statement Service.  The e-statement service allows you to replace your mailed, paper statements for certain deposit accounts (checking and savings) with an electronic version of the statements.  You may view, save to your PC and/or print your e-statement at your convenience.  After your completion of the e-statement service enrollment process, First Volunteer Bank can give you access to your Deposit Statements – quickly and conveniently by securely sending your deposit statement and related notices to your e-mail inbox.  First Volunteer Bank Internet Banking customers may also view their Deposit Statements for the last 12 months directly from the website through our Internet Banking service.

Your consent also permits us to send you other information in conjunction with your e-statement service that may also include, at our discretion, the delivery to you of electronic versions of the disclosures, notices, and information that we ordinarily transmit with account statements.

A Deposit Statement may be accessed electronically at the website through Internet Banking for approximately 12 months following its initial posting.  You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to download and save in electronic form, or print and retain the Deposit Statement for your records.  

Examination of Statement.  You must examine your statement of account with "reasonable promptness."  If you discover (or reasonably should have discovered) any unauthorized signatures, alterations, forgeries, incorrect payment amounts, missing or incorrectly credited deposits or any other errors in your account, you must promptly notify us of the relevant facts.  As between you and us, if you fail to do either of these duties, you will have to bear the loss yourself unless you prove that we did not pay the item in good faith.  The loss could be not only with respect to items on the statement but other items with unauthorized signatures or alterations by the same wrongdoer.

You agree that the time you have to examine your statement and report to us will depend on the circumstances, but will not, in any circumstance, exceed a total of 60 days from when the statement is first sent or made available to you.

Requirements:   Latest verion of Adobe Reader

A free version of Adobe Reader is available.  Get Adobe Reader

To prevent First Volunteer Bank e-mail messages from being seen as spam, please be sure to add to your "acceptable" e-mail address list. If your Internet Service Provider or e-mail client blocks these addresses, you will not receive your e-statement notification or the attached e-statement and notices.

Password Security. For security and customer privacy reasons, we will require the use of an individualized password to gain access to your bank statements. Your password must be at least 8 but no more than 20 characters in length and is case sensitive.  Your e-statement password is confidential information that should be known only by you.  You may select unique passwords for duplicate statements to other authorized receivers, but you are responsible for keeping your e-statement passwords confidential. First Volunteer Bank will NEVER ask for this password, nor can we retrieve it.  However, we can reset to a temporary password for you, if needed. 

For maximum security, you may try some of the following suggestions:

Testing and Accessing.   To access and retain deposit statements and other communications from First Volunteer Bank, you must be able to view the material on your display using the hardware and software listed above.  To print the communication for your permanent records, you must also be able to accurately print the displayed documents on your printer.  You must have periodic access to an Internet e-mail account, either though e-mail client software (such as Microsoft Windows Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird) or through a web mail interface (such as Google Mail) that is capable of receiving and decoding file attachments. 

To test your system for its ability to display and print e-statement PDF documents, you may click on this test link:  E-Statement Test File

You should see another window open with a PDF document that contains the First Volunteer Bank logo and a sample disclosure.  If you cannot view the document, a PDF reader may not be  installed on the computer you are using.  For your convenience, click on the "Get Adobe Reader"  link above to download the necessary software for free.  The download process may take a few minutes.  You should follow Adobe’s instructions.  Please note that Adobe’s terms and conditions govern your use of the Adobe product.

Electronic Consent.  Once you agree to the E-Statement Services Agreement and submit an application, you will be sent a secure e-mail test document with instructions on how to confirm electronic consent.  Once your application is verified, you will begin to receive e-statements and related account communication via e-mail.  Internet Banking users may also access their last 12 months of statement history via our secure Internet Banking website.

Replacement Copies.  In the event that your e-statement service and other statement material are removed from the First Volunteer Bank website before you save or print and retain a copy, or in the event that the e-statement service is terminated by you or us before you save or print and retain a copy of your deposit statement, you may request your local bank branch to provide paper replacement copies of your statements, but you shall be subject to applicable fees for such copies.

Your E-mail Address.  You agree to keep your e-mail address, as well as your mailing address, current and updated with us at all times.  To notify us of an e-mail or mailing address change, please notify us by:
Termination.  If at a later date, you wish to obtain paper copies of the deposit/savings account statement(s), you must notify First Volunteer Bank at least 5 business days prior to the date on which you wish to have the e-statement service terminated.  To withdraw consent, you may call us at 866-668-4700 or visit any branch office during normal business hours.  First Volunteer Bank will resume mailing paper statements for each e-statement service account(s), together with the disclosures, notices, documentation and information that accompany such statements, according to the terms of the deposit agreement governing such account(s), or as required by applicable law, to the postal address(es) in our record beginning with the NEXT periodic statement following the termination of the e-statement service.   A fee may be charged for paper copies of deposit/savings account statements.

Questions.  In the event that you experience any technical difficulties in accessing your e-statement service materials that we have made available to you, you may notify us by: